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Should my department develop a social media site?

When considering the development of a social media presence, don't do it just because everyone else is. Think about how it meshes with the communication goals of your department, who the audience will be, what you want to communicate to them and the interaction you expect, and what social media channels are most appropriate to reach your audience.

Depending on the answers, your strategy may vary. For instance, Twitter may be suitable, but not YouTube. A Facebook Fan Page may fit the bill, but not a blog. Or perhaps social media is not the way to go at this point.

Try out a social media channel as a personal user before adopting its usage for professional purposes. Follow other accounts to see how they are managed, listen to social conversations and ask friends or colleagues who are already users of a service for their insights. This will help you better gauge if social media is right for your department's goals and give you some ideas as to how  you might use social media to meet those goals. 

Questions to ask before starting a social media presence

  • Do you have the time to post frequently?

  • Do you have the time to answer questions on your site promptly?

  • Do you have time to monitor your site and keep it clear of spam and commercial posts?

  • Should you use Facebook, to help build brand awareness, provide information and engage in conversations?

  • Do you want to share photos on Flickr or Facebook, to provide a visual insight into your department?

  • Can you produce compelling videos for use on YouTube, not just once, but at regular intervals?

  • Twitter – Should you use to engage an audience frequently, and can you be available to respond with some immediacy and engage in conversation

Tips on working with specific social media sites

Creating a Facebook Site

Creating a YouTube Page

Creating a Twitter Feed

Creating a LinkedIn Site