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Resources for Social Media at UNI

Social media sites are centered on user interaction, and include software tools that allow persons to generate works of user-created video, audio, text or multimedia and engage in conversations and exchange of content (examples are blogs, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). The use of social media sites is an acceptable way to promote the University of Northern Iowa and encourage interaction between the institution and its constituents.

It's best to look at social media from several angles... posting to the main UNI social media sites and responding to comments, managing departmental social media sites, and responding to external social media sites.

UNI Social Media Policy

Should my department develop a social media site?

Best practices for social media

Posting messages about/for UNI on non-UNI social media sites


Presentations, tutorials and other resources

Social Media Response Flowchart   (PDF)

Creating a Facebook landing page    Paw Graphic

Social Media Presentation - Oct., 2011  (PDF)


Online Groups

Facebook Page: Social Media for Higher Education

Social Media Administrators

Administrators for UNI social media sites may be found on the Contacts page.

Questions about social media should be directed to:

Lindsay Cunningham
Public Relations Manager
University Relations
125 East Bartlett