Social Media @ UNI

Posting messages about/for UNI on non-UNI social media sites

When posting comments regarding UNI to non-UNI social media sites, including newspaper article comments, you should consider the following:

Be transparent: Identify yourself so you can provide authenticity to your online contributions.

Add value: Contribute your observations, experiences, and opinions related to topics you are passionate about and understand well; cite your sources and separate opinions from facts.

Aim for quality: Think about what you want to say; be respectful, understand the context and the rules of engagement, before you post your comments. Make your content rich and interesting for others to read and share.

Use disclaimers: What you write is ultimately your responsibility. If you choose to identify yourself as a UNI employee or discuss topics related to the university on any social media channels, many readers will assume you are speaking on behalf of our organization. Use disclaimers: make it clear that the views you are expressing are yours alone and not necessarily those of the University of Northern Iowa. 

Be mindful of copyright laws: Show proper respect for the laws governing copyright and fair use of copyrighted material owned by others. For additional information, refer to these additional resources: Copyright Basics (Northwestern University Library) and the U.S. copyright office.